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The flu season occurs between October and May of each year, generally peaking from December to February. Getting your flu shot each year not only protects you from the flu, it helps to prevent the spread of the flu through the population.


Reasons For Getting A Flu Shot


  • Getting a flu shot is the best way to avoid the unpleasant symptoms of the flu.
  • The flu can lead to secondary infections that can be serious, such as pneumonia. It can also increase the risk for cardiovascular problems.
  • Without the shot, you could infect others with the flu, putting them at risk for these problems. Infants cannot receive flu shots, and other people who cannot, or do not, receive the vaccine are vulnerable.
  • Flu symptoms will cause you to miss work, family events and social activities. If you want to stay in action for important events, get your flu shot.


Where Can I Get A Flu Shot


You can get your flu shot at a number of different locations:


  • Your doctor’s office – Your doctor may suggest a flu shot if you see him or her for a routine examination or other reason.
  • Your local chain pharmacy – Most large chain drug stores offer flu shots administered by pharmacists or nurses that are on the premises.
  • Urgent care centers – Many urgent care facilities provide flu shots to the community at reduced prices.
  • Community clinics – Many communities around the country provide flu shots for residents.
  • Large retail chain stores– Large store chains such as Target, Walmart and others hire nurses to administer flu shots to their customers in advance of flu season.


Who Should Not Get A Flu Shot


Some people should not get the flu shot or should consult their physician before getting it:

  • Anyone who is highly allergic to any of the components in the vaccine should not get a shot. These include those who are allergic to eggs, from which the vaccine is made.
  • Children under the age of six months
  • People who have been diagnosed with Guillan-Barre Syndrome, a severe paralyzing condition.
  • People who currently feel feverish or unwell.


Should I Expect Side Effects From the Shot?


Some people can experience some minor side effects from the vaccine that quickly resolve:


  • Soreness or itching at the injection site
  • Runny nose
  • Muscle aches

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Flu Shot

Conditions when Urgent Care can be of critical help

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